Friday, December 20, 2013

Cabbage & Apple Slaw with Dried Cranberries

If you—like me—have been in the midst of a holiday baking spree, right about now you're probably in the mood for something light and fresh.  I love sweets of all kinds, but sometimes the holiday onslaught can be a bit much.  So today, instead of posting yet another recipe for a cookie...or candy...or dessert, I thought I would share a crunchy, tangy and refreshing cabbage and apple slaw.  If you own a mandoline, this slaw is super fast and super easy to make...and it makes a fine accompaniment to any number of simply prepared entrées:   a burger...a pan-seared pork chop or fish filet....a burrito or quesadilla....  I think you'll find that not only is this salad a wonderful antidote to heavy, rich and often overly sweet holiday fare, its ease of preparation will allow you a break from the kitchen so you can stop and take a moment to enjoy some of the other delights of the holiday season.    

On the other hand.... Just in case you aren't ready for a break from your holiday baking...and you dropped by my site today looking for more ideas....I would hate to send you away disappointed.  So, I thought I would include in today's post a link list of some of the things that I have been baking during this holiday season.  In the past few weeks my baking has included Chocolate Fruit Cake, Apricot-Almond Bars, Chocolate Gingerbread, Mixed Nut Brittle, Chocolate Almond Toffee, Candied Orange Peel, Walnut Acorns, Linzer Thumbprints, Chocolate-Espresso Snowballs, Almond Crescents, Cranberry-PistachioRugelach and Spiced Cranberry-Orange Coffeecake.  If you would like more inspiration, you can check out my Recipe index...or look at some of my boards on Pinterest...or look through some of the dessert photo galleries on my Facebook page.   Hopefully, somewhere in all these lists, you will find just the thing you were looking for. 

Shaved Cabbage & Apple Slaw with Dried Cranberries

7 to 8 oz. trimmed and cored green cabbage (about 1/3 of a medium-sized head of cabbage)
1 medium apple—choose something that is sweet-tart and crisp (like a Braeburn or a Pink Lady)
1/4 c. dried cranberries, roughly chopped
2 to 3 T. minced flat leaf parsley (the leaves may also be cut in a rough, fine julienne)
1 1/2 to 2 T. lemon juice
1 T. olive oil
2 t. honey
Salt & Pepper

Cut the cabbage into wedges of a manageable width and using a mandoline, shave very finely.  If your mandoline has a fine julienne blade, use the mandoline to cut the apple into a julienne—otherwise, slice the apple very thinly (using the mandoline), stack the slices and cut finely crosswise to obtain a julienne.  Place the apples in the bowl with the cabbage. 

Add the remaining ingredients and toss well.  Taste and adjust the seasoning and lemon juice.

Makes 3 cups slaw

Notes:  This slaw is good fresh, but it also makes a fine leftover and is a nice salad to take in a boxed would also be a nice addition to a potluck dinner.

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