Basic Techniques

Roasting Vegetable--The Basics

How to Roast & Peel Peppers

Asparagus--How to select, How to store and a Basic cooking method

Braising (and Stewing) Basics

How to Roast Corn in the Husk

How to Turn an Artichoke

How to Store Lettuce

How to Clean Spinach

How to prepare a Hard Cooked Egg

How to Poach an Egg

How to Poach Pears

A Few Tips for Deep Frying

How to Release the Seeds ("Arils") from a Pomegranate

How to Trim (and Portion) a Whole Beef Tenderloin

How to Remove the Bone from a Cooked Chicken Thigh

Fish Basics--How to Purchase (how to recognize fresh) and How to Cook

How to Pan Fry a Filet of Fish (skin on)

How to Make a Basic Tomato Sauce from Fresh Tomatoes

Making Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

How to Make "Torn Croutons"

How to Make Fresh Breadcrumbs

How to Make Toasted Breadcrumbs

How to Make Perfect Toast for Avocado Toasts, Etc.

How to Make Chicken Stock

How to Make Yogurt

How to Make Labneh

Chestnut Basics

How to Peel Chestnuts

How to Roast (and Puree) Winter Squash

How to make Fresh Pumpkin Puree for Baking

How to Roast Beets

How to Pepare Long Cooked Broccoli

How to Compose (and Cook) a Summer Vegetable Ragout

How to Compose a Grain Pilaf (Main Course or Side Dish)

How to Build a Quiche

How to Make French Custard-Style Ice Cream

How to Make a Good Grilled Cheese Sandwich

How to Make Potato Gnocchi

How to Measure Flour

How to make Short Crust Pastry (Pie Dough/Pate Brisee)

Rolling Short Crust Pastry (Pie Dough/Pate Brisee)--a Few Tips

How to "Blind Bake" a Tart Crust

How to Pre-Salt Meat (a Roast, a Whole Bird, Steaks, Chops, Cutlets...)

How to Saute Mushrooms

How to Roast Mushrooms (for pilafs and salads)

How to "Smash garlic to a puree witha pinch of salt"

How to Cook Farro

Quinoa: Basic Cooking Instructions

How to make a Fresh Fruit Sorbet

How to juice Key limes

How to Clean a Leek

How to Prepare Sugar Snap Peas

How to Prepare Fresh Fennel

How to Prepare Citrus Filets

How to use a Pizza Peel